I have held on to the dream of having my own laundromat for three years, now. I wonder what the romance is in this for me? I want the laundromat to be relatively sustainable, to be a community center and cafe, and to be an art space.

Here are a couple signs I made long ago…


Here are some images and places I find inspiring …

The Laundromat Cafe in Denmark and Iceland:

and the World’s Largest Laundromat in Chicago, which has solar panels on its roof:

and this Grist link has been very helpful as well.

I want to have grey water harvesting and biodegradable laundry soaps (here is a good link on that if you’re interested), a rooftop farm, laundy lines for optional air drying, and the best french press coffee around! I want the space to also be a community arts space/gallery like the one I started last year (now defunct) with three friends. I would use the coffee grounds for compost and the rooftop farm produce for food kitchens.

Now all I need is a grant to make all this happen! Any leads?


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