Syn.the.sis & Interdisciplinarity

I like to find points of synthesis.

For example, in my final semester in my senior year at Lake Forest College, I took three courses concurrently: Photography, Postmodernism, and History and Systems of Psychology. What I learned from the synthesis of these three courses was much greater than the sum of each component course—I was illuminated by the blurring of disciplinary boundaries. In particular, the Emeritus Psychology Professor in History and Systems and the newly minted tenure-track faculty member in Postmodernism would echo each other’s ideas from their separate proverbial siloes. The confluence of ideas was intoxicating. What I experienced in those two classes helped inform my art making in my Photography course, where I experimented with visually conveying the idea that a photograph is based on a coexistence of truth and falsehood, choice and randomness.

The power of interdisciplinary scholarship is revealed through these concurrent explorations.



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