My Favorite Food Blogs, part 2

Good photography is crucial for a good blog. A good photo—and interesting ingredients—can convince me to try to make anything. Still, what’s probably more important is that a pleasing photo keeps the reader on your blog page longer. In a web full of food bloggers, the best ones always have a strong visual component. I get excited when I discover a good chef/photographer/writer on a blog—one that has good recipes to boot.

One I came across by happenstance also happened to belong to Erin, a girl I knew as an acquaintance in college. This personal connection helps me justify promoting her blog, but I also appreciate and admire her photography, clarity, and creativity on her site, Naturally Ella. She takes you through the steps of her mostly vegetarian recipes nicely and the site is clear and fun. Check it out here at

For now, here’s a sample of her work:

Swedish Rye Bread

I want to try this Chicken Pot Pie with Chive Biscuits soon.

Her baked spring rolls look yummy, too!


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