Savoring the Suspense

As I am picking up my life to move from Chicago to California, Wonka brings a needed reminder of how sometimes these moments of suspense (where will I live?, how will I get there?, what will it be like?, will I be happy?) should be savored. Life is for living, and moving across the country for a job seems like an adventure to me.

Yes, my life is going to change. But I am taking control of my own future—choosing to break the mold, to move away from my entire support network here and to head west to the Cali coast! I am excited and of course mildly terrified about the adventure that is upon me. But at 25, this is exactly what I should be doing! I have a great job waiting for me when I get out there with folks that I know will be supportive and caring. The way things will turn out is uncertain, but I am going to bask in the moment and try to enjoy the suspense.



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