In the Land of Beautiful

After a month of being here, I can finally say that I have landed in California. It is amazing to be here. As one friend just said to me, I am living “in the land of beautiful.”

Delaveaga Park

I have made an effort this past month to explore both outwardly and inwardly. These photos give you a taste of both, I hope. I have reached out to fill my need for natural beauty. Nature has reached back and opened up her world to show me even more incredible sights than I had imagined. Ahhh.

Bike ride down the “block”

And still I ride alone. It is so hard to be lonely amidst all this beauty. But it is also empowering.

Admiring the street where I live

And I am so thankful. What an opportunity to come to these golden hills and this blue coast!

Enjoying Cliff Drive

And lately, I have come back to loving music. I was warding it off for a little while, because I was in such a tender place that any song that poked at a sore point (so many) would send me into feeling down. At this time, I am feeling much more solid and free and happy.

I have been driving around listening to Ellis for some comfort:

And on this drive I am finally sitting still
I have nowhere else to be
The radio is playing mostly static now
So I am listening to the space around me

But it’s good to understand where I am standing
And it’s good to know where I’ve been
And it’s good to work through the tough times
And let the lessons start to creep in
I know I’m able to let go of more baggage
Than I give myself credit for
And the sunrise sayin’ hello in the morning time
Makes me believe that more and more

Drivin’ around at three o’ clock in the morning, I try not to see the time
I have a long way to get to where I’m going
But I’m on my way and I’m doin’ fine

All photos in this post are by Elizabeth Birnbaum and are subject to Creative Commons.


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