Favorite Food Blogs, part 3

The holidays are a great time to get re-inspired to make homemade gifts. A gift I have a bunch of to are these bees wax hexagons filled with lavender, calendula, and oats. Pouring the scalding hot wax nearly burnt down my friend’s house but that’s another story entirely.

bees wax-agon

I am planning to make some flavored salts and butters as gifts. The butters will have to wait till I reach Chicago, and maybe they can be a project I embark upon with my sister on Christmas Eve. In the meantime I will stew and get inspired by food and craft photos which seem to keep popping up all over the internet. It seems like this holiday season will be marked for many by homemade and craft gift giving. And what a beautiful thing!

The food blog spot I am most lovin’ on right now is actually an aggregate: Punk Domestics, which I stumbled upon while I was reading this article on grist. I wish there was more to dig into there, but its a nice place to drop in for some inspiration and to stumble upon new ideas and techniques to try out. I have been going all over the internet for little holiday-time inspirations that also transcend the season!  Being on the California Coast during Christmas and Hannukah has got me totally turned around. It feels like a wet spring and yet people have trees and lights. And mushrooms are coming up like crazy! It is amazing to now see how many people in more temperate climates in the US spend the winters. And this is just the first little taste of it, for me!

Anyway punk domestic doesn’t have that much, but as an aggregate source it does its job to send you off in lots of fruitful directions. I have been sent to foodinjars.com which is another sweet little site I just learned about.

From Food In Jars

Honey-Sweetened Chestnut Butter (Y-U-M!)

As well as The View from the Great Island, which has some nice nuggets of inspiration too.

Minimal Monday Photo from theviewfromthegreatisland.blogspot.com

Red Pepper Finishing Salt

I was even sent to Wild Edible, where I read about Goat Cheese Stuffed Hibiscus/Rose of Sharon Blossoms with Chipotle Wild Berry Coulis. Ok. Wow.

photo by elizabeth birnbaum

Hibiscus Flower

Bees wax & hibiscus flower photos taken by me, which are subject to creative commons license. Thank you!

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