pixie hollow

photo by elizabeth birnbaumTinker bell movie

I just watched the Tinker Bell movie, and I actually love the animation and positivity of it. It is a beautiful escape. Sure, its a Disney kid’s movie…but there are some really clever references to real forms in nature (made fairy use-appropriate), in this film. Fern Gully was one of my favorite childhood films, so if you have a soft spot for that too, you might like this one.

PIxie Hollow

I love the scenes where mushrooms make up an element of the decor. As I was at the fungus fair this weekend, I feel like steeping myself in this fairy’s eye view seems fully appropriate. There is also a special draw to these movies for me right now because literally I wonder if the Central Coast is a lot like the animated world in the movie. I love these next two photos which I took on my hike today!

view from the top to the bay by elizabeth birnbaum mushrooms for fairies by elizabeth birnbaum

I feel like there is magic in the air as we have entered this new year. Life is abundant and gorgeous!

photo by elizabeth birnbaum

photo by elizabeth birnbaum

All photos (except the two movie screen shots) are my own work and are subject to creative commons. Thank you!


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