Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 10.12.42 PMThis is the time for new year’s resolutions, and though I wasn’t planning on putting mine down on my blog, I just now decided in favor if it. I feel like it is a good choice to write and share these thoughts and hopes as they settle into resolutions & certainties in my brain. I am writing all of these with the “Self-Improvement Kick” This American Life episode in mind. If you haven’t heard it, its worth listening to, for sure.

1. My friend whom I (literally) call “moon” sent me a link to this: the “Good Times Jar Project.” Moon found it through Homestead Survival and I have already begun mine! (See photo below.) Now I resolve to keep it up! I will write down my highlights and best memories of the year. My first memory was of meeting these two amazing lesbian women on my flight back to San Francisco. I sat next to one of them and we just had a wonderful connection. Then after we got off the plane, I met her partner and the same thing happened. I hope to find the time to keep in touch with them! I was so flattered by one of them too, she kept saying “you’re so accomplished!” (Always lovely to hear a stranger say so!)


2. I commit to getting my Permaculture Design Certificate this year. Maybe I will be able to get it in Bahia (Brazil) and brush up on my portuguese! Or at the very least I will take a 2-day course with Regenerative Design Institute in Santa Cruz in November! Or maybe one at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center! Anyway I am bubbling over just thinking about this resolution, because I was so inspired by the NorCal Permaculture Convergence this year (photo of the temple at the convergence, below)! I also had a dream a month ago where I became Penny Livingston-Stark! All these things are converging and I have been really interested in edible forest design and permaculture for a few years now, so it seems totally fitting that my time in California would be a solidification of this thread.

Temple at NorCal Permaculture Convergence 2012

3. Move, move, move. I have been finding it hard to balance the ups and downs of body engagement at a desk job and living in a small space. So what I am resolving in the health arena is: more yoga! My friend Molly got me hooked on yoga this autumn through introducing me to the beautiful, flexible, and graceful yogini Meghan Currie! I am decisively declaring now that I will continue to deepen my own yoga practice, and I will also practice more jogging and take short walking breaks throughout the day.

4. Finally, I resolve to love myself no matter what! 2012 was a year of change and tumult and lots and lots of *big* emotions—from riding the waves of being in love to dropping into despair from being away from all of my family and friends—I commit to riding out whatever the tide brings in and also what it washes away.



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