photo by elizabeth birnbaum

Solar Panels and the sunset

Do a google query for solar energy and I have no idea how many pages would show up with both solar panels and honey bees. Probably not many but perhaps more should. When bees take the nectar and golden pollen of flowers, they gather the energy of the sun itself. But bees also live in the darkness of the hive:

Wax is made by bees that have never seen the light. But they have been nourished by the light. Pollen is, so to speak, materialized light. And they have the ability ro free the light they have ingested, making snow white wax. […] And then man can collect this wax, make candles, and during the dark […] can free the light again.

— Dr. Johannes Wirz

We are in a habit of using nature for our own needs, and at the very least I would offer that we need to be more thankful for the sun, the bees, and the energy embodied in both.

photo by elizabeth birnbaum

Sun Hive of Gaia Bees

All photos in this post taken by me. All are subject to creative commons license. Thank you!

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