After literally years of anticipation, I finally did it. I inoculated logs with mushroom plugs!

As much as realizing the built anticipation means to me, the full beauty was in the experience of receiving gifts. I am tremendously grateful to have the pieces of this come from the generosity of my friends and neighbors.

It all started with the shiitake and oyster plugs from Isabelle. I had mentioned my interest in starting some logs and she had just gotten Paul Stamets’ package in the mail! So she gave me about 12 of each. That generous gesture took some time to realize because I needed fresh logs to inoculate.

Then the forecast called for rain. So in the gusty mountain winds, I started up! I borrowed my second gifted item, a cordless drill, from my landlord.



Unfortunately it was not fully charged, so the hole only went in about a quarter inch. So after I got the drill charged, my friend Dylan came by to lend a hand and an extra oak log to inoculate. He grows mushrooms with a local farm, so I was grateful to have his expertise (also free!).


Then I used the wax from a skep-shaped beeswax candle which was a gift from my wonderful and sweet friend Karen.


The drippings looked a little like snot, but they will do the job of covering the plugs.


So with the gifts of friends plus a little elbow grease, I realized my dream of having a little mushroom cultivation project! Now I just wait for the rains.


One thought on “mushrooming

  1. We have gotten interested in mushroom farming, too. I hope you get some mushrooms. We are trying a pre-pluggged log from Amazon, but so far nada.

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