The Voracity

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I just voraciously devoured all of the issues of The Voracity by Anna Williams. There is something about them—it may be the rich content; the balance of complexity, simplicity, and a slight sinister tinge; or the streamlined web design itself—which has kept my mouse clicking through each and every issue. I stumbled upon this chic digital publication from a post on Yatzer which read “What do a fairy tale witch, a bullet-ridden roast chicken and a carnivorous plant have in common? Not very much, unless you’ve entered the hallucinatory world of visionary photographer Anna Williams, whose online venture “The Voracity” has taken the term ‘online publication’ to a whole different level.”(Despina Pavlaki).

Say no more. My favorite is the forager’s dreamscape, “A PRINCELY FEAST.” The scenes are lush, green, and bountiful, but all still feels handcrafted and even a bit delicate. The mood is completed by a fairy tale setup (“Once upon a time, a crushing famine brought a kingdom to its knees.”), a gauzey skirt is filled with morels, fiddlehead ferns still have specks of dirt, and doves that sit on a young girl’s arms. You can almost smell the mossy forest setting. I think this one is a real treat.

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Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 3.59.41 PM

There are others . . . and each amazing issue has a distinctive look. I suggest you browse the site (if you haven’t already) and get caught up in the voracity.

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All photos © Anna Williams Photography


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