I spent Memorial Day weekend in beautiful Butte County, California. This is one of those places I can hardly believe with my own eyes. Everywhere we went was candy for a photo-documentarian like me! This trip came at a time where I finally have a great camera in hand . . . and after almost a whole year without, I now feel fully at home in my photography world again.

Here is Salsify gone to seed.

Salsify Gone to seed

Some purple mountain majesty at the end of the day.


The gorgeous vineyard.


IMGP9465 IMGP9489 IMGP9491 Butterflies by the pool.


A wasp in the pool.IMGP9665

A dramatic nearby dam with rebar coming out which looks like snakes.


I am pretty sure these are redbud pods! I have never seen them turn this color before, though.


I fished for the first time in probably almost 20 years! Here are a few great photos of Dylan fishing with a tenkara-like pole and pulling up a “pumpkinseed” (Lepomis gibbosus) fish!


And the serenity of the water in all places: pools, reservoirs, rice fields, and streams.

IMGP9291 IMGP9356 IMGP9371 IMGP9404 IMGP9761IMGP9163

I walked around the property, testing my tree ID skills as I walked. I spotted apple, pear, maple, persimmon, apricot, sycamore, some kind of locust, and ginko. I also wound up finding blueberries and was thrilled when I reported my findings only to hear my friend Trav say: “What? We have blueberries?!”


Stay tuned, the next post will be on homemade dolmas (aka dolmades)!


All photos in this post are by me. All are subject to creative commons license. Thank you!

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