Shorashim Video

Seeing this video my trip to Israel makes me wonder how long ago I was there. It already feels like a year ago. While I was there the feel, the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the tastes of every moment consumed me. Now I look back in wonder at that crammed ten days of sleeplessness, friendships, and adventure.

…and yes it’s a promo video. But I have chosen to share it because I am quoted talking about agriculture (at about 29 seconds) which is cool! I’m also briefly shown in an airport, spinning with a GoPro in the Mediterranean, and on a camel. Not bad!


3 thoughts on “Shorashim Video

      • It’s a compliment. I’m not someone who thinks the young have nothing to add. On the contrary, they have fresh voices with a lot of great observations. Be proud of you, you always have something good to add. 🙂

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