Show Title: Emerge
Show Description:
By layering two pieces of Kodachrome film, artist Liz Birnbaum finds new ethereal spaces.
Some of these dual images create the effect of a stained glass window; others seem to oscillate between the familiar and the bizarre. Each piece in this exhibition was created by literally sandwiching two pieces of film on top of each other—between that act and mounting the images for display, no other manipulations occurred. The result is a series of curious abstractions that evoke a story previously hidden somewhere between the past, present, and future.
As a culture, we like to dichotomize. However these works are intended to point to a fundamental interconnectedness between time, space, nature, and culture. Will this be a collision or a reunion? It is up to the viewer to decide.

The show is at Santa Cruz Thread at 605 Front Street, across from the CVS. Come for the opening from 6-9pm on September 6th. Learn more here: http://firstfridaysantacruz.com/santa-cruz-thread-elizabeth-birnbaum/

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