wunderkammer, domestic spaces, freshness.

Hey folks, it’s still me, but I have changed up the look of my site, slightly. I decided to change the name from elizabeth peartree (my real-world-derived pseudonym of sorts) to “the cabinet.” I made this shift in honor of my long time first blog-love: the cabinet.

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 10.58.31 PMI have been lovin’ on that blog since way before pinterest, and I made it my own pin board of sorts. I made it my cabinet or curiosities (or, though I don’t speak German, I know to also say: mein wunderkammer).

Keeping a room or a cabinet which showed off its keeper’s taste and knowledge was common in the Renaissance and again in the 1800s. I co-opted the antique term for my blog because to me that is what it served as—the virtual space to show of my free collection of beautiful, odd, and hopefully interesting re-blogs. It was much more a visual space—a place for art, videos, or links that I wanted to conserve. It is a place that holds moments and memories for me, but it is also a curated space where I will “hang” things together for an effect, like a gallery. I have been doing so since March 2009.

This blog is more-so a place for my words and photo storytelling. It is my public journal and my place for academic/curatorial/farming musings.

The change for this wordpress domain, however, was more directly inspired by bunches of beautiful blogs which link to other beautiful blogs. From searching for Kinfolk after swooning over the book, buying it, and swooning again, I checked it out online. Then I began stumbling on sfgirlbybay from the baking bird—which I stumbled on from design is mine (and who knows how I got there?)—to the artful desperado to really pretty people and clothes and art on pinterest. You can see that this has been an evening’s endeavor of beauty-filled internet time.

3_indigo_shiboriI even explored shibori! Wow what tangents I found myself on.

It was time for a “pretty pictures” binge, I guess. I have been more focused on getting my show up, playing scrabble, eating like a queen (lobster, steak, and macaroons last night) and watching dolphins from the porch. It was an awesome recoup-ing weekend post-opening, and it has been nice just falling into the beautiful photos.

All of my internet time tonight was spent in the realm of the new domesticity, which Emily Matchar’s book Homeward Bound deals in. My friend told me all about the book—we both got so heated about the subject that we missed our exit while driving. But I have only had her briefing and some reading I have done on the site.

What I have been able to clean is that the book deals with the role that blog culture has played in making this new domesticity a phenomenon. A really visually and emotionally appealing phenomenon. I can only infer that Matchar’s take on my evening’s binge would be. Another nice way to get a hold on what the book deals with is from this Swedish review: “[Matchar] believes that the homemade weddings – including her own – are part of a larger trend of simplicity (which is anything but simple) and tradition (which is anything but traditional).” (Sydsvenskan)

Just hearing the words “new domesticity” reminds me of my former art history professor and adviser Chris Reed, author of Not at Home: The Suppression of Domesticity in Modern Art and Architecture and Bloomsbury Rooms: Modernism, Subculture, and Domesticity. The amazon summary of the Bloomsbury book (which I am proud to own) says “The first decades of the twentieth century brought enormous change in Britain. Men’s and women’s roles came under scrutiny, class and social structures were transformed. This book casts new light on the notorious Bloomsbury Group and how the issues of their day influenced their interpretation and decoration of the home. Christopher Reed analyses the rooms designed by Bloomsbury artists as spaces in which to be modern.” Like Matchar’s new domesticity, Reed analyses a cultural movement as it mainstreams. I wonder what his take of Matchar’s book and of BlogHer would be.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 12.29.25 AM

The above photo is from a blog called The Girls’ Guide to Guns and Butter. I mean, we are talking about a really recent phenomenon, here, folks. I’m thinking about home canning and cooking blogs galore, targeted ads, kids’ whole lives being captured online, and LOTS and LOTS of really pretty content in boxes.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 12.27.07 AM

But I do suppose that I am meandering . . . and all I really mean to say is: welcome to the cabinet.


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