So long, Summer

Although California’s Central Coast is relatively season-less, I still have the urge to mark what my circadian rhythm expects of the seasons.

I miss the the leaves changing from green to rainbow in one coordinated dance come September, but am glad to have the constancy of a type of pluralism—of all seasons existing at once. Thus, some of these photos look like what my Midwest self expects of Fall, but are actually in July or August (the typical “high summer” season).

Here are some markers of Summer 2013 in my own words and images.

I have smiled and goofed-off on adventures to streams, deserts, and vineyards with this fella,

Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 3.01.09 PMI have fully embraced the presence of spiders, and learned to appreciate their contributions to the ecosystem in and around my little studio in the redwoods. (From a former arachnophobe, this is a laudable feat!)IMGP3303I have watched my friends celebrate a love and a year of marriage . . .and a new couple get married, so in love!Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 3.04.01 PMI’ve grown the mother corn, teosinte,IMGP3924 I’ve seen mother doves watching over their baby,Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 3.39.22 PMI have gone to some very photogenic beach parties (thank you, gorgeous light!),IMGP2630IMGP2635 IMGP2612 IMGP2607 IMGP2585I have played with new forms of light,IMGP2645 IMGP2663 IMGP2652and old forms too, including showing my slide collage pieces in my first solo show in California! My friends and colleagues came out to support me en masse and it was a tremendously gratifying experience to share this work!IMGP3307 IMGP3850 IMGP3877 IMGP3829 IMGP3825 IMGP3828And I have saved seeds (coriander in this case), as seeds are the key to all of our existence. IMGP3353 IMGP3350 IMGP3347 IMGP3345And I’ve swooned over this handsome, sweet, and loving fella.IMGP3199And now I can’t wait to see what Fall will bring!


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