When I think of “the most wonderful time of the year,” I find a male voice crooning a christmas classic has launched into some synaptic connection. The voice buzzes around my brain. But when I sit outside, close my eyes, and tune out the music between my ears, I hear birds, a gentle rustle of wind, and I feel the cooling damp air and warm sun. I am so grateful that we are on the cusp of spring here on the Central Coast.

1780666_685932883386_631961046_nI am bursting with energy and love and light, and so are the buds. This must be why I fall in love in the spring. This spring, though, I will fall in love with myself. I will appreciate the people in my life who offer me their love and support—their ears, their time, and their hearts. I am so lucky in this life and I have had a whole month of taking in the most amazing wave of support I have ever felt. I am swept off my feet by all the people in my life who provide a kernel of faith in my abilities and my soul. I am feeling this dry spring bursting through me.

Here is what is bursting in my world:

Gratitude for support from friends and colleagues who lent me their ears for the exhibit I have up in San Jose right now. The show is called Lend Me Your Ears and it delves into the human relationship with corn as experienced by several artists, activists, and farmers. Contributors to this exhibition use sculpture, photography, and the crop itself to portray an intimate glimpse into the human-corn relationship. Corn has spanned the territory from sacred mythology to mindless consumption, and yet so many stories about corn are still waiting to be told. This exhibition traces corn from proverbial seed to silk, following the history of this extraordinary grass from ancient worship to modern ubiquity.

IMGP6889I feel really good about the show, and am deeply grateful for the community of support who helped me pull it together. And I also just saw that the San Jose Museum of Art, who I collaborated with on this show, has a photo of me on their main page right now!

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 10.06.00 PMMy mailbox is also bursting. I’ve gotten books and seeds and letters in the mail which warm my heart and are themselves bursting with synchronicity. Heirloom corn seeds and a lovely note from Mark of An Organic Conversation, Seedtime from its author Scott Chaskey (sent on behalf of a mutual friend), letters from an old and dear friend from college, DVDs about soil, and books from gardeners who want to connect about how to bring their great works to light. (You know you’re a corn nut when people send you heirloom corn seeds in the mail.)


All of this and the gift of loving words from so many members of the EcoFarm community which I am honored to be considered a part of now. In the last year and a half here, I have landed in a sweet spot. I did not land here alone or without the support of a community.

And yet there is time to be better, and to grow from these moments. I look forward to the cultivation of growth from the seeds that I am sowing.


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