Blueberries and Brass

This morning I had an amazing photo session up at the UCSC Farm and Garden  — the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS). This place has magic, I was already convinced of that. But today made me certain.

The light was perfect. With dappled clouds and sun peeking out only at a few moments, the netted blueberry patch was in its full glory. We selected just enough berries to snack on as we moved through the woody and almost tree-statured bushes.


There were so many colors, as the blueberries began to ripen in their harmonic sequence.

It was all almost too good. I texted back another thank you to my UCSC contact and friend Martha before I even left the farm gate. Not only was it a magical moment, but I was also feeling particularly grateful that I was there for work. I am contacted to take photos for a one-year project at CASFS to document the crop cycles for eight crops on the farm. What a dream!

So all of my heart and soul were feeling that POP – WIZ – BANG – WOO feeling. I, myself, felt in harmony with what all the harmoniously ripening blueberries looked like. Maybe they are my spirit berry.

But then, it got better.

I turned on my car and heard some funky fresh tunes on the college station: it was one of my favorite bands: Rebirth Brass Band. So it was like a Mardi Gras, but in my mind, it was for blueberries! KZSC knew what was up.

So in honor of all those feelings. I present to you Blueberries and Brass. As you scroll through the rest of the photos, here is Do Whatcha Wanna by Rebirth Brass Band:


And Martha kindly snapped a couple of me in my berry blissed-out state. So grateful for mornings like this.

All photos subject to creative commons. Please credit if you repost. @lizpeartree on IG.


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