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Please consider supporting Liz Birnbaum, who has been selected as one of 240 United States Delegates for Terra Madre, the Slow Food international conference and biennial event, in Turin, Italy.

Slow Food Santa Cruz is raising funds to send Liz to Terra Madre & Salone del Gusto, hosted by Slow Food International from October 23-27 in Turin, Italy. Liz will be attending as a representative of Slow Food Santa Cruz, where she is the chair for Outreach and Partnerships, a committee member for the California Ark of Taste, and a contributor to the Santa Cruz Heritage Food Project. The overall fundraising goal is $3,000, and any contribution, even $10, would help her attend.

You can support Liz on this journey by sending a check made out to Slow Food Santa Cruz. Please mail the check to: PO Box 7225 Santa Cruz, CA 95060. If you prefer to make an online payment, please do so through the Slow Food Santa Cruz PayPal “Donate” Button. Thank you!



Why Terra Madre? A Personal Appeal:

I believe that food is the ideal catalyst for social transformation, and that Terra Madre is the next step for me as an advocate for the good food movement. Through my five years working in food and agriculture, I have discovered that finding solutions for sustainable food systems necessitates holistic thinking and an embrace of plurality. We must honor all perspectives at the table. Terra Madre is an opportunity to experience this on a global stage.

I came to California, as so many do, to follow an opportunity. In so doing, I have deepened my work as a food activist through coordinating the annual EcoFarm Conference, the largest convergence of the organic farming movement in the Western US. Before I came here, I was a greenhorn farmer and farm manager on a small organic farm north of Chicago. When I started farming, I simultaneously stepped into the field and behind the lens, by creating a photo ethnography project called The Farm(er) Project where, since 2009, I have traveled the US to meet farmers engaged in improving the food system through education and advancing organic methods. I am also a curator, focusing on food and environmental art, and specifically on projects that combine a place-based understanding of food history through the lenses of agriculture, economics, geography, and more. One such project is the Chicago Food Museum.

Having received the endorsement of the Slow Food Santa Cruz Board, I am honored to represent the chapter and the local community at Terra Madre!

How will funding be used?

Money raised here will help to pay for my airfare, ground transportation, and lodging for the duration of my travels, as well as for visits to regional foodsheds after the event. I have heard that this conference is a powerful and transformative experience, and I am grateful for any support you can contribute. Your contribution is tax deductible when made through the following channels:

Please make checks payable to: Slow Food Santa Cruz. Please mail checks to: PO Box 7225 Santa Cruz, CA 95060. If you prefer to make an online payment, please do so through the Slow Food Santa Cruz PayPal “Donate” Button. Thank you!

And please help me get the word out by sharing this link with others you feel might want to contribute and by posting it to your social media profiles! Thank you.


“Knowing Liz Birnbaum will be serving as a US Delegate adds significant value to our domestic network of food system change makers. Her past and present experience as a conference organizer with the Ecological Farming Association, coordinator of the Slow Food Santa Cruz Chapter, and skillful artist weaving in food and photography is just the type of multi-dimensional person we would want to represent the US. Please consider supporting her ability to participate and we can look forward to a dynamic presentation and update upon her return!”

Tim Galarneau, Center for Agrecology & Sustainable Food Systems, UCSC
Central Coast School Food Alliance, Coordinator
Real Food Challenge, Advisory Board Chair


“Liz’s passion for food, education and social justice make her an outstanding advocate for the Slow Food movement. Her representation of Slow Food Santa Cruz at this year’s Terra Madre will bring these values to the heart of the movement to collaborate world-wide with others dedicated to good, clean and fair food for all.”

Stephanie Iwanciow Haas, Board Chair, Slow Food Santa Cruz


“The quest for slowness, which begins as a simple rebellion against the impoverishment of taste in our lives, makes it possible to rediscover taste.”

– Carlo Petrini


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